Preservation of sperm and embryos has its own significance in IVF. In some situations semen freezing becomes absolute necessity. e.g. male partner is not available at the time of Ovum Pick up or female partner is coming from out of country, in those males where sperm count is very low or males having ejaculatory dysfunction or those undergoing chemotherapy in near future etc. in such cases their semen can be effectively frozen and used for IVF.

During IVF, excess eggs are obtained as a result of patient’s response to the stimulation protocol. This may result in getting more than 3 embryos. As, it is not advisable to transfer more embryos, which may result in multiple pregnancies, it becomes necessary to cryopreserve these excess embryos. In case if patient doesn’t become pregnant in fresh cycle, she can take her frozen embryos in subsequent cycle.

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Vitrification of oocyte and embryo:

The latest technology of cryopreservation y means of vitrification has enabled embryologists to freeze oocyte, embryos at various developmental stages, and sperms obtained from testicular biopsies or epididymis (in case of azoospermia) with enhanced post thaw survival rates and better outcome.

Oocyte Banking

We have the facility of oocyte cryopreservation for women who requires IVF with egg donation and for those who want to cryopreserve their oocytes to raise her family later on.