Recent advances in improving ovarian reserve [Egg Quality]
It is known that ovarian reserve decreases with increasing age and decreased fertility rates can be due to declining ovarian reserve with increasing age.
What is good ovarian reserve?
The term ovarian reserve refers to a womens remaining egg supply that can produce babies .this supply is reduced with increasing age
How can i increase my ovarian reserve naturally?
1. Avoid processed foods, pesticides and sugars.
2. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
3. Avoid any known food sensitivity and allergens.
4. Eat diet rich in healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts and avocados.
5. Drink plenty of fresh water.
6. Reduce stress, practice yoga, meditation.
7. Use anti-oxidants and nutritionals like coq 10, l-arginine, myo-inositol, vitamins a, c, e and minerals like selenium and zinc.
[For good success it is best to visit an infertility specialist for guidance and treatment.]
3. How does exercise help to improve ovarian reserve?
Moderate regular physical activity positively influences ovarian reserve.
4. Tests to determine ovarian reserve?
1. Antral follicle count [ultra sound]
By counting the number of visible antral follicles, doctor can predict how many primordial follicles a woman is likely to have. More follicles means a higher ovarian reserve.
Lab investigation [blood test] [2] day 3fsh
[3] amh [anti mullerian harmone]:indicates whether a woman still has a large pool of growing follicles.
Drugs used in treatment to imoprove ovarian reserve:
1. Tab ovafem plus: contains dhea and coenzyme q10.
Dhea is androgen secreted by adrenal glands, the central nervous system and ovarian theca cells.
Androgen is able to increase follicular sensitivity to fsh through action on the androgen receptor. If treatment is taken for 3months, the serum level of fsh decreases, the antral follicle count increases and the ovarian reserve improves.

Latest treatment for improving ovarian reserve: PRP [Platelet Rich Plasma]
Platelets are small components in blood, which help in clotting, but they are rich in growth factors and cytokines .they are in little granules with the platelets and when you use platelet rich plasma .the goal is to release these cytokines and growth factors into the tissue which then help the tissue to regenerate.
Under normal circumstances as tissue gets old it gets replaced by fibrotic, basically scar tissue. What happens as ovaries age is that they become like clump of scar using prp we can regenerate some of the normal ovarian tissue and regenerate vascularity, so there is improved blood supply and as a result restores some ovarian function.
-20ml of blood is drawn and processed in lab and 1ml of prp is obtained.
-then prp injected into one of the ovaries under anesthesia using ultrasound , follow up is done every 3 days and a sonogram and blood test is done .
-sonogram to see if there is emergence of a follicle more than 4mm and blood test to see fsh level and estrogen level. If there is no response then follow up is done weekly for 3months. if the follicle grows larger than 4mm treatment is started with fertility medication. For good success it is best to visit an infertility specialist for guidance and treatment.