Why endometriosis will create so much problem in cases of infertility?
A. During normal menstruation all the endometrial tissue will come down through uterine cavity. But here it will go in opposite direction travel through fallopian tubes and gets deposited in tubes, ovaries, behind the uterus and in all surrounding structure of the uterus. Usually the endometrium starts growing in all the areas and causes for bleeding every month. 35% of women have suffering from endometriosis.

How do you know that you are suffering from endometriosis?
1. Pain during menses.
2. Painful intercourse.
3. Irregular periods.
4. Pain during passing stools [deposits on rectum].
5. Pain during passage of urine. [Deposits on bladder].
6. Dull aching pain in the abdomen.

Diagnosis for endometriosis:
1. Internal examination.
2. Ultra sound scan.
3. Laproscopy.

Endometriosis Treatment :
1. Meedical
2. Surgical
3. Laproscopic coagulation treatment
4. Laser treatment.

What about patient suffering from infertility?
1. Discussion with good fertility specialist for ICSI treatment.
2. Because of low quality of eggs.
3. Donor eggs if necessary.
4. Final option in treatment failure is surrogacy.