Our Success Rates

Our success stories are backed by real numbers. And we are super proud of our achievements.

IUI Success rate

  • Srushti 30%
  • Other 20%

Frozen Embryo Transfer

  • Srushti 55%
  • Other 45%

IVF Success rate

  • Srushti 45%
  • Other 30%

Blastocyst Success Rate

  • Srushti 60%
  • Other 50%

Pre Genetic Screening

  • Srushti 85%

Surrogacy Success Rate

  • Srushti upto 99%* T&C Apply (Varies from couple to couple)

We have happy clients. And these are their happiest stories.
Read our success stories.

Manjusha w/o Kiran

Since 10years we are struggling for kids and we have tried 4 IVF cycles at another centres but was not successful. One of the friend recommended to visit Dr namratha at universal Srushti hospital, we went there and met Dr Namratha, she cleared all our doubts and we started the treatment we got positive pregnancy in the very first cycle and we are very happy with the results now we have a son who is 3 years old. Thank you to all the staff of Universal srushti test tube baby centre.

Sireesha w/o Kishore

Hi I am Sireesha age 38 years, I tried for IVF cycles in Nagpur Maharashtra but with no successful outcome we had 3 frozen embryos at Nagpur hospital Maharashtra. At universal srushti IVF centre we met Dr Namratha she was very supportive and even arranged for the transport of embryos from Nagpur  to  Hyderabad.  After embryo transfer procedure we got positive pregnancy and we are very happy with out come. Thank you so much Dr Namratha and Srushti Staff.

Fathima w/o Ibrahim (present patient)

It has been 6 years since we are married but didn’t have any kids our personal relationship was at stake. We came to know about Dr Namratha at Universal Srushti ivf centre through Siasat daily newspaper. The staff of universal srushti is very helpful and the environment is pleasant.  The treatment is affordable and we are very hopeful that we will get the desired results.

Seema w/o Bhargav Narayan

We have been married in march 2010 but having no kids we came to know about universal srushti IVF centre through tv9 lifeline health show. We met Dr Namratha she suggested us to go for IVF treatment, in the first cycle we didn’t get the positive result, but she motivated us to go for the second cycle and now I am pregnant with twins. Thank you very much Dr Namrtha.

Lavanya Devi w/o Shekhar

I was very depressed when I came to know that the cause for my infertility is Endometriosis, I went through internet and read all about endometriosis which left me feeling more miserable, one of my friend who got treatment here and had a positive outcome recommended me to meet Dr Namratha, accordingly I did the same, after talking to her I got some confidence and proceeded with the treatment I got successful outcome in second IVF cycle. Thank you very much Dr Namratha and the staff for your efforts.

Swetha w/o Sai Kumar

We are trying for a kid from 3 years. We were recommended for Universal Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre. I had very good experience. After 2 IUI cycles course I conceived and derived a baby.

Shaheen w/o  Suleman

I have been trying to concieve for long time and my dreams has come true at  universal srushti test tube baby center. The doctors coordinate very well. I had a very good experience with doctors and staff members. I would like to thanks Dr Namratha and all staff members for helping me concive.

Niharika w/o Pradeep

With the grace of god and Dr Namratha we are blessed with the healthy baby boy. We would like to thanks Dr Namratha and all staff members for taking care of my wife from day 1 of treatment to till delivery.

Geethanjali w/o Arjun

We came to as last hope but you filled lights in our life.
Now our life becoming meaningful after seeing our IVF born baby.
God have send you on earth to help infertile couple and to fill lights in our lifes.

Manisha jagtap w/o Manoj

Married since 10 years, we are living in Mumbai, It’s been so long that I have been trying to conceive – and my dream has finally come true at Srushti. The team here is very friendly and caring and the nursing staff, front office desk and doctors alike are very supportive. Thank you Team Srushti for helping me conceive, and patiently answering every question I had.

Tanuja w/o Ajay

Since 6years we are struggling for kids and have tried 2 IVF cycles in PUNE but was not successful. I found out about Srushti through one of my friend. Dr. Karuna collected all the previous history from us & we then met Dr. Namratha who explained and supported us throughout. From day 1 the Srushti team gave us the required confidence and we could feel that we were at the right place. The way they explain each and every step in detail and support the patients during the whole process is remarkable. Finally we are happy to share the result is positive with twin baby. A special thanks to Srushti Team.

Ruksana w/o Faheem Uddin

We have been married for 3 years now but don’t have kids. Since my first visit doctors at Srushti have given us confidence & have patiently worked with us. First cycle failed but Dr Namratha, Dr Rajeshwari & Dr Kanaka Bhushanam motivated us to proceed to second cycle and finally we are happy to hear a positive response. I certainly recommend Srushti to anyone who are facing the same problem.

Aishwarya w/o Adithya Rao

It’s been 4 years since we got married but didn’t conceive. We consulted our gynecologist who referred us to Srushti. Dr.Namratha took our tests & asked us not to worry & briefed us about the treatment. Thanks all the doctors of Srushti who stood by us & helped us to come out of our problem. Specific thanks to Dr Namratha & Dr.Balajogi who guided us in a proper way. Now conceived through IUI and I am in my 3rd month now. Thanks to the support staff. Hope Srushti will rise to greater heights.

Tejasree w/o Shashank

I am Tejasree, I got married in 2010. Even after 2 years of marriage, I didn’t conceive. With friends and colleagues suggestion visited Srushti, Vijayawada Dr Namratha and suggested to go for IVF. Now am conceived with twins. Thanks Dr Namratha, and the staff.

Rashmi w/o Ravi Kumar

We were trying for a kid with no success for over 3 years. We were recommended to Srushti and there was no turning back. The doctors coordinate well and take up each case with a lot of care. I had an amazing experience with Dr Namratha, Dr. Sonali and all the supporting staff and the front desk personnel. The equipment they have is pretty sophisticated and the doctors ensure best of support to all. After a careful and timely medicinal course on the way to becoming a mom now. I’m a very happy patient.

Sanjana Reddy w/o Santhosh Reddy

Most of us will come here with a depression but after talking to the doctors at Srushti I was filled with hope and confidence that I will be successful in my treatment.

Summaiya w/o Ifteqar

Trustable, highly experienced doctors, timely monitoring and good environment. Does not feel like we are in a typical clinic.

Shabnam w/o Ismail Ahmed

I traveled all the way from a small village and am blessed with a healthy baby girl. It was all possible with the support of my family and doctors at Universal Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre.

Mrs. Saleha Khatoon w/o Siraj khan

We are blessed with Baby Girl after 36 weeks of pregnancy. We did two cycle of ICSI and conceived. This is incomparable event in our life. We are really short of words to express our gratitude towards you to help us getting our little Princes, and thank you for your support. Please convey my sincere thanks to Dr. Namratha, Dr. Dwibedy and other staff for their kind support. Thanks a lot once again.

Aadhi Lakshmi w/o Venkateshwara rao

17 years back we took treatment at Srushti hospital Vijayawada branch, we were blessed with a baby boy who is 16 years old now and pursuing intermediate first year , very intelligent and topper of class. We would like to thank dr namratha and her team for making my dream come true.

Padma w/o Prasad

We are trying for a kid from 5 years. We were recommended for Universal Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre. After 2 IVF cycles course I conceived and derived a baby .Thank you so much dr namrata and staff.

Shahana w/o Ahmed

We have been trying out different hospitals over the last two years in Nalgonda, but we weren’t satisfied with the outcome or response. We finally found our peace at Srushti ferttility Centre where the doctors explained in detail about the procedure with diagrams and in depth.
Even the counselor was very helpful and explained every detail about the packages and procedures to us.
I would suggest Srushti Fertility Centre to all my friends and to everyone in Hyderabad that if anyone wants to go for IVF they should come here.

Sonam gupta w/o Manoj

I came to Srushti IVF Centre for Fertility treatment in Feb 2014. We met the Senior Embryologist Chinnarao here who took our case history and guided us very well. I am very happy to have conceived through IVF. All the doctors and nursing staff boosted our morale as well.
The Chief Embryologist Mr. Kishore was very friendly and cleared all our doubts related to embryology.
This institution has the best state of art equipment and laboratory. Over all we have had the best experience and we would recommend all our friends in need.

Varshini w/o Varun

As I was an Azoospermia patient, I had no hopes of being able to become a Father. But, at Srushti Test Tube Baby Center, the team explained about the factors of Azoospermia, how it can be treated and gave me the confidence to undergo IVF – TESA treatment and the result is positive. From now on, I will lead a positive and happy life. I am very thankful to the whole team of Dr Namratha.

Ramya w/o Nitesh

I have been married for 10 years and we have not been able to conceive, the doctor said that there was problem with my Endometrium and my husband’s sperm count was low. We received treatment for that and we got positive result.

Aasha w/o Ramesh

We have been trying to conceive for the last 4 year.I was referred to srushti test tube baby Centre by a friend. The doctors here clearly explained to me what the problem was and within three months my wife conceived through ICSI, we felt very happy and satisfied. Thank you Dr Namratha.

Seema w/o Rakesh

Srushti test tube baby Centre gave me the confidence to conceive. The doctors clearly explained about all the details and boasted our confidence. The cleanliness and hygiene of the Centre is excellent .

Surekha w/o Dinesh

I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to dr namratha for helping us become a parent. I conceived after 3 IUI cycles. The doctors and staff members of srushti test tube baby center are very co operative.Thank you dr namratha and staff of srushti.

Jyothsna w/o Kamlesh

We have been married for last 8 years , After assessing my medical and physical factors the procedure decided for me was through Natural Cycle IVF. The whole process was totally painless and throughout the procedures the Doctor guided and counseled me to go through with it with confidence.
I feel more than the procedure, it was the confidence, positivity and the friendliness I received from the Centre that gave me the result. I would like to thank srushti test tube baby Centre for giving me the joy of becoming a ‘mother’. I wish the whole team good luck and more success.

Tejasree w/o Shashank

I am Tejasree, I got married in 2010. Even after 2 years of marriage, I didn’t conceive. With friends and colleagues suggestion visited Srushti, Vijayawada Dr Namratha and suggested to go for IVF. Now am conceived with twins. Thanks Dr Namratha, and the staff.