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The doctor being a family member of the middle class teachers family,and understanding better about the mental agony and the financial problems faced by such people, with the aim of providing better care for poor and middle class among the infertile couples / with the intention of serving Indians in our country, has established the infertility clinic. She made the infertility treatment easy and affordable to the common people with high success rate. She is a honorary consultant for many reputed IVF centres in India and abroad…..


The Doctor being family member of the middleclass teachers Dr Namratha better care and gives successful results for poor and middleclass infertile couples in order to fill happiness in their lives.Doctor completed her MBBS in Andhra MedicalCollege vishakhapattanamand her MD in J.J.M.Medical CollegeDavangere Krnataka .She was trained in lalaproscopy and ART (assisted reproductive technology) in Mumbai,Bangalore and Singapore.

During her childhood (at the age of 7 yrs) she developed interest about medical profession and wanted to become a doctor. During her Post Graduation she developed interest about infertility field after coming across many infertile couples, their mental agony, difficulties in arranging money as well as time especially female partners facing many problems in society and family.

Many couples who are coming to normal general practitioners getting no proper treatment because of lack of proper counseling care lack of equipment and expert personale and unable to maintain proper sterilization measures .Most practitioners are too busy and cannot afford to spend more time with infertile couples and both ,doctor as well as couple are getting frustrated and stressed whenever they are unable to get ultimate result After observation of all these situations Dr P Namratha started visiting all fertility centres in India and abroad and started observing how couples are getting treated and the huge amount they are spending. Finally she came to a conclusion that this is the treatment which is limited and can be affordable by rich and effluent people only .Finally she decided to establish unique fertility centre within the reach of and to help poor and middleclass people and to provide best counseling, as well as best treatment at an affordable price and giving them best take home baby rate.

A All infertile couples are having desire for having their own baby but they are getting varity of doubts , whether the drugs are harmful to their body or they are likely to put on weigh and whether it will be a successful pregnancy or not t,..

The answer is YES. .Definitely many couples get result when they undergo 5 to 6 consecutive IUI cycles ,which gives up to 70 % cumulative results.

3consecutive fresh cycles of IVF or ICSI gives very good pregnancy rate (cumulative 90%).There will not be any ill effects on other organs of body and patient’s health . Usually many PCOS cases put on weight due to hormonal imbalance and not due to treatment. There will be only increase of 1or 2 kgs of weight gain because of some bed rest given to patient or due to extra care given by attenders .


  • M.B.B.S from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in the year 1988-1995.
  • MD from JJM Medical College, Davangiri in the year 1995-1998.
  • M.B.B.S from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in the year 1988-1995.


Served as an Infertility Specialist in reputed institutions at Puna, Bangalore, Bombay, Singapore, United kingdom.

Attended various national and international conferences, presented several research papers, gave lectures. Conducted several CME for the benefit of Gyn and obstetricians and GPs.

She visited several infertility centres in India and Abroad and after observing how the couples are getting treated and the huge amount spent, she came to a conclusion that this is the treatment which is restricted to rich and effluent people. She decided to establish an unique fertility centre and to bring awareness and within the reach of poor and middle class. She wants to provide best councilling as well as the best probable treatment for educated and un educated couples as they need to understand in a better way. All infertile couples have a desire for having their own baby but with variety of thoughts about success but she creates positive attitude and proper councilling and her motto is carry home baby where she is highly successful.


Fertility chief of M/s.SRUSHTI TEST TUBE BABY CENTRE-established in the year 1998. Successfully running centres at Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, and in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.