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Dr. NamrathaAbout Us

The doctor being a family member of the middle class teachers family,and understanding better about the mental agony and the financial problems faced by such people, with the aim of providing better care for poor and middle class among the infertile couples / with the intention of serving childless couples in our country, universal srushti has been established in the year 1999. She made the infertility treatment easy and affordable to the common people with high success rate. She is a honorary consultant for many reputed IVF centres in India and abroad.….


IVF process causes mental Agony and depression among many couples because of the high expenditure, family disturbances and long, tedious procedure with varying success rate for couple to couple depending upon their gamete quality and also the endometrial quality. Even though, it is a tedious and expensive process, the clinic was being established in the view of making the treatment available for both the middle and poorer class people and giving the best possible result. Apart from these, proper guidance and clear explanation regarding the tests and procedure which ENHANCES the SUCCESS RATE of the couple.

Full pledged IVF centres with the state of art of equipment and labs were established in the year 1998 successfully at Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

Uniqueness Of Srushti:

Counselling, treatment and regular interaction with the chief infertility specialist with an aim of providing better treatment and patient satisfaction starting from the counselling, medical management, procedure and till the end of the treatment will be done personally.

We made thousands of couples happy with the success rate of 40% – 50% per cycle at our clinic. Many people who are more than 50 years conceived with the egg donation programme and have taken the babies home with complete satisfaction. Surrogacy is also made available at our centre and many cases have been handled and made success without any complications. PGS also started in the year 2016 for the purpose of giving up to 85% success to the couples WITH 3-4 FAILED IVF/ICSI CYCLES, couples with REPEATED ABORTIONS, to give genetically normal baby in families suffering with GENETIC ABNORMALITIES.

Our clinic also provides benefits for the job holders by running the evening infertility clinic thus making the treatment available for them. Prior appointment is to be taken before consulting the doctor.